• There's Nothing More Damaging Than School

    Here are a few stories about horrible or funny things that happened to people at school, including menstrual finger-banging and biting little girls until they bleed.

  • People I Met in Truck Driving School

    This May I passed a trucking school on my bike and enrolled shortly after. For four weeks a small group of men and I watched instructional DVDs and took tests in a classroom Mondays through Thursdays from 5:30 to 10:45. Fridays we’d meet in a...

  • What Kids Say About Favorite Things

    "The best thing about my favorite things is aliens, so that they might come and blow up the school."


    For some reason we will never understand, the Germans take King Khan really seriously.

  • Back To School

    What I did this summer: We got a dog! But then we had to sell it. My brother was too young and didn’t understand that he hurts the dog if he hits it, so it could have been dangerous for him. It was very sad.

  • VICE Fashion - Saami Boarding School

    In 1964 the board of education decided it was time to right some wrongs—like forcing kids to live in weird, exotic tents instead of houses and giving them shitty teachers—and built modern dormitories for Saami students whose parents lived far away.