• The Director of 'The Gatekeepers' Talks About Israel's Terrifying Security State

    'The Gatekeepers' was shown in festivals to widespread acclaim last year but hasn’t been widely available in the US until this month, so I thought it would be a good time to talk to Dror Moreh about his film, the settlers, and Israel’s best hopes for...

  • I Couchsurfed with Settlers in the Holy Land

    A couple of months ago, my friend was on a rant (albeit, a very coherent one) about how CouchSurfing's website supports Zionism by allowing settlers in the West Bank to list their location as "Judea and Samaria"—the Israeli name for most of the...

  • Living the American Dream in the West Bank

    Prospective settlers of Hashmonaim receive a handy FAQ sheet: “Is this area over the ‘Green Line?’ ” reads one question. “Geographically and tax-wise, yes,” the sheet explains. But because it’s guarded by armed men and the Israeli government sanctions...

  • World Peace Update

    We're not quite there yet, folks.