• Γιατί το Wikileaks θα Προκαλέσει Πανικό Αυτή την Εβδομάδα;

    Ποια άλλη χώρα κατασκοπεύει η NSA, εκτός από τις Μπαχάμες, το Μεξικό, τις Φιλιππίνες και την Κένυα;

  • Τα Μυστήρια της NSA

    Μία έρευνα βασισμένη σε έγγραφα του Edward Snowden.

  • Romanian Notes

    In Bucharest, the psychological damage inflicted on a society subjected to surveillance terror is apparent everywhere when you scratch the surface, even 24 years after the fall of Ceauşescu. There, no problem is too small to be insoluble, no conflict...

  • The Government Wants the Media to Stop Covering Barrett Brown

    Barrett Brown has been sitting in prison, without trial, for almost a year. In case you haven’t followed his case, the 31-year-old journalist is facing a century of prison time for sharing a link that contained, within an archive of 5 million emails...

  • Obama Plans to Reform NSA Spying Programs and Increase Transparency

    In his most direct response to NSA spying controversy yet, President Obama announced this afternoon that he’ll pursue reforms to the mass surveillance program in an effort to restore public trust, which has been dwindling as more details are leaked...

  • If You Liked '1984,' You'll Love 2013!

    On Sunday, the grassroots organization Restore the Fourth rallied activists across the country for the second time this year to protest the National Security Agency’s dragnet-style surveillance programs and their violations of the Fourth Amendment. The...