• My Month Without Sex

    Eventually, some women are going to hear these three little life-changing words: “You have HPV.” I first found out I had the human papilloma virus just over two and a half years ago, and aside from it giving me the ability to make hilarious jokes about...

  • Hey Everyone, There's a New AIDS!

    It's called super gonorrhea and I super hate it because I'm gay. Blowjobs were the only thing I had left, and now I have to make people wear condoms to do that!?

  • Worms Attack

    OK, you don't know anybody with AIDS and you very likely never will. You do know a fair share of people, mainly slightly older friends with seedy pasts, who've had the clap.

  • Big Whup

    Oops, you got a little too drunk last night and you did it without a condom. It's the end of the world, right?