• Sudan's Government Isn't Going Down Without a Fight

    The antiregime protests that have swept Sudan for the last week are at a crossroads, with the fervent optimism of the previous days giving way to somber reflection and shock that over 50 people are believed to have died.

  • Sudan Revolts: Internet Blackouts and Dead Protesters on the Streets

    Sudan is literally on fire. The past five days in Sudan were filled with blocked roads, gas stations on fire, and live ammunition at the funerals of dead protesters, and there have been multiple reports of live ammunition and heavy tear gas in multiple...

  • Dominic Nahr's Eerie Photos from Conflict Zones and Disaster Areas

    For this round of VICE Loves Magnum we spoke to Dominic Nahr, who is still running the gauntlet of selection before becoming a full Magnum member. We discussed Africa's endless potential for stories, the eeriness of post-tsunami Japan, and how a...

  • Darfur’s Tribes are Killing One Another over Gold and Water

    For the past seven months, warring tribes and armed factions have been waging an intense conflict in North Darfur over the region’s abundant gold mines and other natural resources.

  • Cheney Orr's Fleeting Youth

    For this week's Mahal, I got to meet up and talk photography with Cheney Orr. When he is not traveling the Middle East, “hunting for light,” he can be found tramping around New York City, documenting its youth and culture. Take a look at some of his...

  • World Peace Update

    Last week, Ukrainian opposition party leader Vitali Klitschko threw world peace down the drain by attempting to take on the Kiev PD singlehandedly. That was pretty hard to top, but a bunch of Mexican cartels, some Molotov cocktail-loving Northern Irish...