Syrian Electronic Army

  • Is This the 19-Year-Old Leader of the Syrian Electronic Army?

    The SEA has said it is waging cyberwar to denounce media coverage of the conflict in Syria they see as being overwhelmingly anti-Assad. But who's actually running the operation? New evidence indicates that it's a 19-year-old Syrian named Hatem Deeb.

  • The Syrian Electronic Army Talks About Tuesday’s Hacks

    We contacted the SEA via email and received several answers from Th3Pr0, leader of the Special Operations Department in the Syrian Electronic Army about Tuesday's hacks on the websites of the New York Times, Twitter, and the Huffington Post UK.

  • The Syrian Electronic Army Talk About Hacking the Guardian and Their Obama Bomb Hoax

    They almost crashed the stock market by hacking the Associated Press's Twitter account and telling everyone the White House had been bombed and that Obama had been injured. As the markets reacted to the news, the DOW Jones was sent plummeting by a...

  • The Robot That's Going to Save Syrians from Assad's Snipers

    Sniper alleys are rife in Syria. The specific locations of these death traps often aren't known until someone takes a wrong turn and gets shot. A dire side effect of these alleys is that others try to drag the wounded to safety, often getting...