• Shoob the Weed Snatcher

    Asking a stranger for a hit usually leads not only to stonedness but also to conversation and new acquaintances. I'm the sort that shares weed without a caveat. That's why it's especially unsettling when one friend accuses another of being a sneak.

  • This Must Be the Place

    Waking up from the night of destruction that made me decide to get sober, I was surprised I was alive. After I got over my hangover, I was excited about sobriety. So was my partner, so were my friends. But we were ignorant about what my recovery meant.

  • Jummy's Infinite Stash

    In retrospect, my mom was probably right about Jummy being a bad influence. One summer, he always had weed. I had no clue where it came from, but Jummy said I could continue smoking it without smoking him out in return if I never asked him where he got...

  • P.J. The Narc

    I was dreading going on my marketing class's field trip. Everyone in the class sucked. I breathed a sigh of relief when my teacher told me I'd be rooming with my friend Tal. But then my teacher told me we'd be sharing a room with P.J. the narc.

  • We Need to Stop Arresting So Many Children

    The law-enforcement system isn’t designed for children—just about the only thing it can do is send people to jail, which in nearly every case is a horrific overreaction when it comes to kids being dumb. The police can be one of the most destructive...

  • Three Teen Girls in Ottawa Pleaded Not Guilty to Pimping

    According to a very detailed report by the 'Ottawa Citizen,' and a thoroughly researched feature for 'Ottawa Magazine,' three teen girls in Ottawa have been accused of running a prostitution ring.