The 80s Issue

  • The VICE Guide to "Finding Yourself"

    When you become more than 20 years old, you have to find yourself. By “find yourself” we mean everything from figuring out why you’re here on this planet to becoming a man/woman to coming out of the closet to being ready for a real relationship.

  • My America

    Let's stop beating around the bush, I'm famous. Not famous enough to be invited to those parties that Chloë Sevigny gets to go to, where she sits in a corner having her picture taken for obscure magazines. Not that famous, but just famous enough to...

  • The Liar, The Bitch and The Wardrobe

    1997 was a special time. If you weren't working for a dot-com, you were reaping the rewards of their overspending somewhere down the line.

  • Literary

    So Corrine, a beautiful blonde Aryan woman, falls in love with Chris, her beautiful blonde Aryan “half-uncle.” They marry. Over the years, they do the nasty a lot.

  • Sid Sings

    It's 1987 and you're settled down in your room playing California Games on your Commodore 64. Between rounds of computer hacky sack and surfing, you absentmindedly think, This music is totally cool. I wish I could have it on a record.

  • Electric Independence

    There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the NYC electro revival, with a bunch of producers picking up where pioneering acts like Afrika Bambaataa and Man Parrish left off. What a lot of people don’t know is that 1,350 miles south, in a small Latino...

  • Crazy Cartoons

    The scene: Gumby is lounging on his bed. Prickle enters in a panic and says, "The unidragon ate the prism spheres we hid in Echo Cove!" Gumby panics.

  • Tidbits

    OK, we've been kind of gypping you on the "Tidbits" recently, so this month we're going to throw in two extra ones. First off, get this: I literally jumped on this cockroach with all my might and squished a good 40% of its guts out.

  • Ask The Farm

    There sure seems to be a hell of a lot of retards out where you are. I’ve been there. You can’t go through the local town without seeing at least one.

  • Hey Fat Ass!

    Hello. I am of the homosexual persuasion.

  • It's Every Video Game in the World

    Genes didn't fucking get us here. Shit, monkeys have genes. It's memes: the ability to tell the next generation what just happened-that's what put us on the map. If a monkey wasn't there, it didn't happen.

  • Behind The Music

    Remember Stanley Mouse? He's the guy who did all the Journey covers, even that shitty Frontiers one. He's also the guy who basically invented the idea of rock merchandise. He's also the guy who did all the Grateful Dead's art.