The Lies Issue

  • Whores Don't Wear Panties

    I suppose it’s true, you do learn something new every day. I was unaware that whores didn’t wear panties.

  • Teenage Suicide

    A couple of days later, another body was found, about one week dead. Are you seeing a pattern here? It’s like, whaaaaat? 13-year-old track-and-field player Jean DaBord had overdosed on his infirm grandmother’s prescriptions while lying in bed beside...

  • Literary/I Want My DVDs

    We are usually against necrophilia, but if there is one corpse that deserves to have slow, magical love made to it, it’s John Belushi’s. He represents a golden era of comedy celebrity, and the world will never see the likes of him again.

  • Kitty-cide

    Tragically for cat-lovers, Chester is just a small drop of sad rain in an ever-expanding ocean of feline depression. A newly-identified condition dubbed Feline Reactionary Misanthrope Syndrome (FRMS) is affecting domestic cats throughout the United...

  • Electric Independence

    I’ll tell you what, sometimes it’s hard maintaining a level of professional enthusiasm every month for a load of records that, with the odd exception, basically sound the same.

  • Treat Them Like Bitches

    Over the past 20 years, although there were a handful of light-in-the-darkness bands, the majority of hardcore groups/kids/zines have been copycat losers, a zillion times removed from the founding principles of the movement.

  • Howdy Pard'ner! How're Y'all?

    I'm in Nowheresville, Peru. It's somewhere in the mountains. My motorcycle died, so I'm just figuring out how to go from here. It overheated about two miles from the nameless town where I am now.

  • Vice Pictures

    Since 2002, New York-based photographer Stuart Ignacio has been traveling to college science labs and private think-tanks around the country, taking pictures of some of the last few years’ most shocking research advances.

  • Fashion Rocks Death Disco

    Karl Lagerfeld can still remember the first time he heard MSTRKRFT’s incendiary remix of Bloc Party’s “Two More Years.”

  • The End of Theft

    “I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but the whole thing started when I saw that Tom Cruise movie Minority Report,” says the American-born Yushi Sakamoto from his home in downtown Miami.

  • Vice Fashion - Special Friends

    Specials is a new online dating agency for young people who have trouble holding down relationships due to the fact that they suffer from what society deems “embarrassing or inappropriate social behaviour.”

  • Outside-in

    his was shortly after 9/11. I had read that two of the hijackers had worked at gas stations and used prepaid cell phones. My brain became alive with farts. I decided to conduct some cursory surveillance.