• Η Γιορτή για την Πρώτη Περίοδο μιας Κοπέλας στην Παπούα Νέα Γουινέα

    Στην Bougainville, μια αυτόνομη νησιωτική περιοχή στην Παπούα Νέα Γουινέα, το πέρασμα του κοριτσιού στην ενηλικίωση συχνά γίνεται λόγος γιορτής.

  • New Cocaine Routes Are Ruining West Africa

    At the end of June, the UN held its annual International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Yury Fedotov, head of the UN's Office on Drugs and Crime, gave a speech in which he mentioned that the cocaine trade in Africa is growing, "fueling...

  • Darfur’s Tribes are Killing One Another over Gold and Water

    For the past seven months, warring tribes and armed factions have been waging an intense conflict in North Darfur over the region’s abundant gold mines and other natural resources.

  • On the Road with Libya’s Lions of the Desert

    The smoke from Taha’s massive cone joint flowed through the cabin of our silver Hummer. The A/C was on high and blew long fingers of smoke to the back seat. We were all mellow. Taha’s aviator sunglasses hid his tiny black eyes as he cranked the volume...

  • World Peace Update

    This week's World Peace Update doesn't veer too far from its default distress curve on the bruised and bloodied axes of planetary suffering: some Slovenians got really angry with their government, a group of Tunisian protesters were blinded, and the...

  • Word Clouding the General Assembly

    Instead of writing a column attempting to analyze all the rhetoric thrown around at the UN, I have created a series of word clouds for nine of the most important, hyped, and just plain interesting speeches that have occurred so far during the General...