• Is a Cure for Meth Addiction Lurking in the Jihadist-Infested Jungles of Thailand?

    The Thai Minister for Justice has announced that he wants the kratom leaf removed from the country's illicit drugs list. He claims it could help wean addicts off harder stimulants, like methamphetamine.

  • Afghanistan's Warlords Cannot Silence Malalai Joya

    Malalai Joya is an Afghan women's rights activist. As a result of her opposition to the Taliban and the US-sponsored regime in Afghanistan, Malalai has faced repeated attempts on her life. I talked with Malalai about the impending US withdrawal...

  • Romanian Notes

    In Bucharest, the psychological damage inflicted on a society subjected to surveillance terror is apparent everywhere when you scratch the surface, even 24 years after the fall of Ceauşescu. There, no problem is too small to be insoluble, no conflict...

  • Should Women Be Allowed to Fight on the Frontline?

    Women are great at washing up, looking after the kids, and doing the cooking for their hardworking husbands. We were wondered if it was worth ruining all that good stuff just so they could fight on the frontlines of war. For an answer, we asked a bunch...

  • Sarin, PCP, and Colonel James S. Ketchum

    The doctor behind the US Army's psychedelic Manhattan Project, held at the top-secret Edgewood Arsenal facility, has a few regrets. Weed isn't one of them.

  • Michael Kimball’s Enormous Death-Eye

    Michael Kimball has an uncanny ability to parse the most strange and painful parts of being a person into something most anyone could comprehend. Whether he’s writing about suicidal weathermen or an elderly couple on the cusp of death, Kimball’s...