• Unearthing America's Treasure Trove of Obscure Private Press Vinyl

    Years ago, before computers and the internet, recording and disseminating your music was much less democratic. Yet, many unknown and obscure musicians did just that, going DIY and privately pressing their work themselves. We looked at a new book 'Enjoy...

  • What Kids Say - Would You Rather?

    Would You Rather was my favorite parlor game where we’d to try to out-torture each other on Poker Night. It’s a Sophie’s Choice. You had to pick one. The worst I ever got is someone made me choose Would I Rather have sex with Michael Jackson or my...

  • A Werewolf In Manhattan

    I can deal with clichés, corny jokes, and predictable plots. What pisses me off most about the chick-lit genre is its utter lack of self-awareness.