Who Is Grammy?


This story is over 5 years old.


Who Is Grammy?

We've all heard talk of Grammy, but the inquiring minds inquire: Who?

The time again has come. When all people big and small come together to ask the question: Who is Grammy?

Ah yes. Grammy. The elusive one we all wish to know, but few will. Grammy have the power to change the world. Grammy teach us about ourself. Grammy contain many mystery.

The stars all gathered in Horlywood around night to gaze upon Grammy.

"It is the one true Grammy! Look upon her and exult!" exclaimed one starlet. Grammy, resplendent. Grammy, beautiful. Grammy, magical.


"Mine eyes have seen Grammy!" shouted another. "None shall be worthy to be looked upon again."

For many, Grammy remain unknowable. Many chase Grammy for whole lives, but Grammy yield no secrets.

Do Grammy live on the mountain? Do Grammy live in the sea? Do Grammy live in the tallest skyscraper in the grandest city? Do Grammy live in the tiniest house in the teeniest village?

Grammy, Grammy, Grammy. We have more question about Grammy now than when we began asking. Ah, Grammy, the jewel of our eye.

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