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Primitive Man Hate Literally Everything; Listen to "4330" or They'll Hate You, Too

They are pretty down with Curren$y, though.

Attention, Black Friday shoppers: A389 will dropping a new 12" split from Primitive Man and Fister on 11/28, and you're going to want to clear some room in your cart.

Both bands peddle the sort of wretched, wrenching doom that goes heavy on hatred and light on atmosphere. The disgruntled Mile High City denizens in Primitive Man give their apocalyptic dirges a blackened edge, while long-running St. Louis crushers Fister prefer to sink painfully into the depths of sludge. It's a beast of a pairing.


Get low with "4330" here.

We checked in with Primitive Man guitarist/vocalist Ethan McCarthy to see what had fueled their fire during this latest recording session, and he laid it out for us in a convenient list format:

"During the recording of the split we were listening to:

1.Curren$y - New Jet City

2.HTRK - Work (Work, Work)

3.Knelt Rote - Trespass

4.Leviathan - True Traitor, True Whore

5.Evoken - Atra Mors

Top 5 Things I Really Fucking Hate:


2.Money Problem$

3.The uncompassionate disposition of the wealthy elite.

4.Racism and all other discriminatory "isms."

5.The prison system."

In what might be the best quote ever collected in Noisey history, Ethan added, "Coincidentally, two out of the three songs on the split are about the above list. The third song is about making your worst enemy bury their family in their own back yard and then executing them. LOL."

Ethan's other project, the grinding death horror of Vermin Womb, also released something hot'n'nasty very recently. It's a harrowing listen, and one of 2014's best-kept secrets. Get all up in Permanence, mane:

After you've gotten good and familiar with A389's webstore, swing by Trill Kommand and pick up some new Primitive Man merch, too. A new full-length is due out on Relapse Records at some point in the near-ish future; as the band said in one of their recent (and, frankly, amazing) Facebook updates, they're "DROPPING RECORD AFTER RECORD LIKE THEM BITCHES SLIPPERY. Kim Kelly is soaking in sludge on Twitter.