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Chef's Night Out: Red Medicine

We went to Beverly Hills to visit Jordan Kahn over at Red Medicine, and ended up eating the whole spectrum of the LA food scene: "bloody clam" ceviche, ice cream sandwiches, spicy tuna hand rolls, and Jordan's own conceptual dishes. It's definitely one...

The Jordan Kahn episode of MUNCHIES: Chef's Night Out is one for the record books. It veers from conceptual, foraged dishes plated with cloches to bowls of ceviche to waffle cones and spicy tuna hand rolls as effortlessly as a hot knife through foam. We start out at Jordan's restaurant, Red Medicine, before he takes his crew to some of the most diverse spots this series has ever seen. First up is Cevicheria, home of "the bloody clam" (we know), next to the high-minded ice cream parlor Quenelle's, and then off to a Ajisai for a hand roll before heading backing for some of Jordan's take on Southern cuisine. Enjoy.

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