Sorry, Vegetarians: Your Burger-Loving Boo Probably Won’t Give Up Meat for You

One of the most popular theories about love is that it's about compromise, and in some cases, that includes compromising what or where you eat (or drink).
Hilary Pollack
Los Angeles, United States
August 10, 2016, 10:00am

People have a lot of theories regarding what love is "about." Passion, loyalty, trust, large sums of money that you can inherit and spend recklessly when your elderly partner dies. But one of the most popular theories is that love is about compromise, and in some cases, that includes compromising on what or where you eat (or drink).

Maybe your beloved hates Mexican food (pro tip: dump them), so you cut back on your taco consumption. Or perhaps bae's gluten intolerance means fewer tours of craft breweries. But when it comes down to it, we'd really rather not change for our partners, according to the results of a new survey.

International market research firm YouGov recently polled more than 1,650 Brits about what they'd be willing to give up in the name of true love, and the results weren't very romantic. Romeo and Juliet may have killed themselves because they couldn't stand being kept apart by their feuding families, but most modern-day daters would consider dumping you if you came between them and their bacon.

Amid other queries about whether they'd convert to a different religion or move to a different part of the UK, the stats about how committed people are to their food and drink habits were quite revealing.

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An admirable 45 percent of respondents said that they would stop drinking for a boyfriend or girlfriend—surprisingly high, really, in a nation that absolutely loves getting sloshed. After all, if you're spending enough time gazing into the twinkling eyes of a teetotaler, maybe you'll start thinking of other things to do with your free time than hang in the pub all day pounding pints.

Things look a lot bleaker for vegans or vegetarians who are hoping to rub off on their partners. Just 24 percent would go vegetarian for their boo. The rest of us will just have to stand down any ultimatums that it's "me or the cheeseburgers"… and it sounds like the cheeseburgers are likely to win.

For contrast, 29 percent of participants said that they would give up their job. Yes, to reiterate, more people would be willing to give up their jobs for a partner than give up meat. Sounds like it's hard out in the dating sphere for the exceptionally bossy vegetarians of the world.

But that still places vegetarianism as a more appealing compromise than breaking off a friendship or converting to a new religion, which only 14 percent and 5 percent of people, respectively, would do at the behest of a lover.

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And if you're wondering how likely you are to get dumped if you can't part with your whiskey and sausages, here you go: 42 percent of the people surveyed said they would dump someone for not changing their ways.

Maybe it's just best to find a partner who won't ask you to. After all, a recently study found that a couple that drinks together stays together, anyway.