17 Mushroom Recipes and Only One Is Psychedelic

And none of them will poison your emotionally repressed lover, unless you got really into 'Phantom Thread' and that's your thing now.
October 4, 2018, 7:30pm
17 Mushroom Recipes and Only One Is Psychedelic
Photo by Heami Lee.

Consider this the beginning of our campaign to get you all over your obsession with all things gourd-flavored once fall finally hits. We don’t get it you guys!!! Does pumpkin spice flavored everything not give you as much of a headache as it does us??? Are you not tired of seeing butternut squash soup on the menu of EVERY restaurant you patronize between September and January? Why does no one remember the mushrooms?! The sheer variety of wild edible mushrooms that sprout in the cool, damp weather of the fall is astonishing, and we don’t give those little fungi enough credit. And even if you’re solely relying on store-bought ‘shrooms, there’s still something undeniably fitting about the combo of the earthy, rich flavors of mushrooms and the warm, cozy vibes of this time of year. We’ve pulled together this little collection of the best mushroom recipes from our archives to help you learn how to turn the humble fungus into something extraordinary.

The best part about roasting maitake, or hen of the woods, mushrooms is that all those little frills and flaps on top get nice and crispy and full of flavor. In fact, we might not even need the steak part of this whole equation.

It’s fall, and that means it’s also time for ALL THE ROOT VEGETABLES. Go for earthy on top of earthy with some slow roasted rainbow carrots, whatever mushrooms your heart desires, and some nutty farro.

Not all mushroom dishes need to be precious, where you feel obligated to disclose the name of the forest where your wild shiitakes were foraged by hand. Some good ol’ fashioned button mushrooms, full of cheesy, buttery breadcrumbs, are a classic party appetizer for a reason.

This supremely simple recipe lets salmon, carrots, onions, and mushrooms essentially steam together in foil packets on top of your stove, then the whole thing gets finished off with some soy sauce and rice vinegar for the easiest, most hassle-free weeknight meal you’ll ever try.

Goat cheese, mushrooms, and thyme are a flavor match made in heaven. Bonus: once you perfect this cream cheese pie dough technique, you can use it for a delicious dessert galette, too.

Watch former Noma pastry chef Milton Abel show you how to make this fancy little puff pastry cup full of poached eggs and bacon gravy—perfect for your next brunch.

Shroomy Risotto Recipe

Use a combo of fresh shiitake or baby portobello mushrooms in place of the trip-inducing ones used here for a less psychedelic (yet still just as flavorful) meal.

A chicken pot pie would not be complete without the classic trio of peas, carrots, and mushrooms simmering in the thick gravy. A homey comfort dish perfect for sweater weather.

We’re a big fan of the “stuff on toast” meal, and with a radish top and sunflower seed pesto slathered under a sauté of three different kinds of mushrooms, these toasts are basically just trying to get your whole backyard into your mouth at once.

Lightly smoke some thick, toothsome mushrooms then slather them in barbecue sauce for a vegan version of a pulled pork sandwich.

Mushrooms, soy sauce, and sesame seeds bring all the umami you need in this cold noodle dish from Ken Yamada, chef of London’s Tonkotsu ramen restaurant.

Be careful to not let any of the liquid released by the mushrooms in the steaming parchment packet escape, as that’s what creates the perfect sauce to drizzle over the grilled rutabaga and sautéed greens.

There are plenty of freezer aisle alternatives to feed your faux-bacon habit, but none of them hold a candle to this slow-roasted shiitake bacon.

Txiperone is just canned baby squid—a popular pantry staple in Spain—so if you can’t get your hands on it (or if you’re not up for imported canned seafood), this dish comes together perfectly well as a vegetarian entrée.

Traditional, all-American green bean casserole eschews fresh mushrooms for canned cream of mushroom soup, but we’re gonna ask all the moms and grandmas out there to trust us on this one—fresh chanterelles and a gouda cream sauce is the way to go.

Burgerlords Veggie Burger Recipe

Beans alone are not enough to craft a well-balanced veggie burger, as the guys from LA’s Burgerlords well know. You gotta add some ‘shrooms.

If you’d rather give this mushroom and delicata squash pizza a try with regular wheat dough, might we direct you to pizzaiolo extraordinaire, Frank Pinello’s recipe?