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Ronaldo, James Are Serving Up Some Delicious Golazos for Real Madrid

A steaming hot platter of them.
February 13, 2016, 4:27pm

Another look at a fantastic goal by @Cristiano. #LaLiga
— beIN SPORTS USA (@beINSPORTSUSA) February 13, 2016

Sometimes you just beg for La Liga to be a well-balanced league—so it could be a fair, exciting race to the top of the table. But sometimes you relish in how two or three teams absolutely steamroll the rest, allowing for you to watch golazos like those of Ronaldo and James Rodriguez against Athletic Bilbao.

Above, Ronaldo takes a cheeky cut with his left foot to lay out the ball perfectly for his right, only to fire a precise rocket that licks the upper right corner all the way down to the pitch. Then, roughly 30 minutes later, James waltzes through the middle of the field and, despite double coverage, lights up a long range golazo like he's in his back yard practicing.

Take that! @jamesdrodriguez with a cracker to put @realmadriden back on top. #LaLiga
— beIN SPORTS USA (@beINSPORTSUSA) February 13, 2016

While Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao are only three places apart from each other in the standings, they are separated by a margin of 25 points. (That would be positively ludicrous in the neck and neck Premier League.) And now their goal margin in the game today is equally imbalanced—sitting at 3-1 around the 68th minute after conceding what was a pretty doh! goal from Bilbao. So just take in the beauty that is Real Madrid handling Bilbao. It's glorious.