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College Students Bathe in 56 Boxes of Mac & Cheese and No One Knows How to Feel About It

Internet forecast this week: dangerously cheesy.

Social media didn't exist when I was in college, so that means that the time I wore a Saran Wrap skirt is lost to history or a handful of blurry 4x6-inch photos slowly yellowing in someone's closet. But now, whenever college students do something questionable, they can—and tend to—commemorate it on Twitter. That's why we have a series of photographs showing a pair of Oklahoma State University students bathing in the day-glo orange swirl of 56 boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese


At 1:24 AM on Monday, Anne Henry Maggio posted four pictures of her roommates sitting in a bathtub full of name-brand elbow macaroni, with the caption "my roommates got the coolest bath bomb!!!!" (Perhaps it's a bit of foreshadowing that the tweet right before this one was "honestly after tonight, nothing is weird anymore.")

First, we have so many questions. Next, we have so many questions. Fortunately, Maggio has alaready answered the question of why they did it. "[My roommate] Ashley Randall said she wanted to make ten pots of mac and cheese and I said 'Well why don't ya bathe in it then?'" she told Mashable. "And here we are."

Yes, here we are, staring at Randall and their other roommate, Madison Harper, swimming in approximately 406 ounces of Kraft dinner, underneath the words "SEND NUDES" written in processed cheese sauce. (DO NOT SEND NUDES, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU SEND NUDES).

According to the O'Colly, an Oklahoma State student publication, the girls bought 30 boxes of mac and cheese, realized that wasn't enough, so Maggio and Randall went back out to buy another 26 boxes. It took two hours to cook all of it, and a little more than three hours to clean the bathroom afterward. "We were surprised by how easy it was," Harper said.

Twitter's reaction to a bathtub full of cheese sauce was mixed. For every reaction GIF—and there were so many reaction GIFs—there were also questions about why they'd wasted so much food. And, at the risk of sounding like I'm one billion years old, that's probably a hard one for them to answer. (They told the O'Colly that they would donate an equal amount of food to a local charity, but they had not decided which one).


"I literally would've paid them to delete this and now here we are," Harper replied to someone on Twitter.

Yes, again, here we are. Let's all just agree that we stay here and don't try to go past it. Not 66 boxes of mac and cheese, not a DIY bath bomb of mayonnaise, and definitely not a Saran Wrap skirt. Let's all just stay here and think about what we've done.