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Download Blue Daisy's new 'Mermaids' EP for free

Kwesi Darko follows on from his recent collaboration with Tricky.
September 8, 2014, 12:04pm

Multi-taskers and those of dual practice tend to spread themselves too widely and, consequently, too thinly. But North London’s Blue Daisy defies that logic. He's as adept at creating sludge-like beats as he is keeping to a dark and unsettling flow. The producer and vocalist is about to drop his Mermaids EP, a free 3-track effort ahead of an upcoming second album release.

The EP's a free download and you can listen to it in full below, exclusively on Noisey. The short-player follows on from Kwesi Darko’s recent feature on the new album by Tricky, whose influence is clearly felt on the EP.

"I'd go to Church High With a Knife in my Pocket" - Blue Daisy Interview