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Chef's Night Out: Momofuku Toronto

We headed to Toronto, Canada to hang with the Momofuku crew, the thriving American restaurant brand impressively stretching its wings into Canada in the midst of a burgeoning Toronto food scene.
April 21, 2014, 4:11pm

Anyone who is a fan of shoving deliciousness into their face already knows about Momofuku. Over the years, chef and owner David Chang has garnered respect for his empire of flavor not only in New York City—where his impeccable string of restaurants began—but the world over.

In Canada, the peachy brand is still stretching its wings, which is why we felt like it was a good time to showcase Toronto's Noodle Bar, Daisho, Nikai, and Shoto—the four arms of Momofuku Toronto—to show how one of the planet's most tantalizing food brands has Canadianized itself in a seriously impressive way.

Not only did we hang out with the crew of this massive culinary endeavor on their home turf, but we took them to Edulis for a pressed duck dinner and Parts and Labour, where fellow MUNCHIES friend, chef Matty Matheson stuffed the Momofuku Toronto crew with lobster grilled cheese sandwiches, fried quail, pig's head, and whiskey shots. After all that, we circled back to Momofuku for a gigantic rib eye, more drinks, and fried chicken.

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