Amy Kellner

  • Can You Show Me Your Favorite Item Of Clothing?

    Angela DiCarloMakeup artistI found this dress downstairs in the fat-girls department of Rainbow on Delancey Street in New York.

  • Amy Kellner's Tidbits

    HAUNTED JEAN JACKETI think this jacket is really funny, but I have it hanging near my bed and sometimes in the dark it looks like a scary old-man face and it gives me nightmares.

  • The VICE Guide To Cute

    I know that Sanrio and pacifiers are raver garbage. I know that all the twee pop and lovecore bands of the mid-90s are counting spare change for Ramen noodles now.

  • Viva La Boom!

    I was just talking to a fellow music writer named Jill Edmunds about our music-journalism pet peeves.

  • I Love Myself, I Think I'm Grand

    I am my biggest inspiration.

  • Don't Call It A Cumback

    You know what's really fun? when you think you know everything about something, say a topic like the history of women in punk rock, and you're like "Shit, now I know everything; there's no way I'm ever gonna be pleasantly surprised, let alone...