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The Heroes Issue

I Love Myself, I Think I'm Grand

I am my biggest inspiration.

Photo by: Amy's friend | Sent from: New York City

I am my biggest inspiration. I strive to be like me. Truly, being me makes my life worth living. If I wake up feeling blue, all I have to do is look in the mirror, and there’s me! There’s my hair, my eyes…look, there’s my whole freaking face! It’s me. I’m me. It is truly inspirational to be inside of my mind, with all my thoughts and ideas. In fact, I’ve been having ideas since I was a kid. Ask anyone who knows me. Ask me. When I’m trying to push that boulder up that hill (metaphorically) and it’s getting too tough, I just think to myself, “What would Amy Kellner do in this situation?” (WWAKD?) She’d get the fucking job done! It’s so nice to have me there to help me. With all my life experience, my selfless desire to help myself, and my willingness to drop everything for me, I am a rock (for me). Sometimes I like to reward myself with presents, to let me know how much I mean to me. I’m very generous in that regard. (I particularly like Whitman’s Samplers and Bioré pore strips, FYI.) You’d think people would be jealous of me for all my exceptional qualities. But they aren’t. That would be sort of like hating the trees for being green or the sky for being so high. I don’t know, my friends say I shouldn’t be afraid of being as awesome as I am, but one of my strongest traits has always been my humble humility. What is a hero? I don’t know. I mean, what is a rainbow? It’s something we may never know. I only know one thing for sure, and that is: I am my hero.