Charlet Duboc

  • MUNCHIES Guide to Wales: Part 2

    After drinking with the rugby girls in Cardiff, Charlet heads to Freshwater West beach for a traditional Welsh breakfast (and hangover cure.)

  • MUNCHIES Guide to Wales: Part One

    Best known for unpronounceable town names, Tom Jones, and a sheep population that outnumbers its citizens, MUNCHIES gets to know Wales.

  • Big Cats of the Gulf

    VICE travels to Kuwait to meet the big cat stars of Instagram and learn about the dangers of animal trafficking—for both the pets and their owners.

  • Når dit kæledyr kan slå dig ihjel: bag om det ulovlige marked for eksotiske dyr i Kuwait

    En Lamborghini med en gepard på forsædet er blevet et almindeligt syn på arabiske Instagram-feeds. VICE undersøger konsekvenser ved den ulovlige dyrehandel - både for dyrene og deres ejere.

  • MUNCHIES Presents: Mukbang

    Charlet Duboc travels to Seoul to meet stars and fans of a strange phenomenon that is attracting millions of viewers in South Korea: Mukbang.

  • Soju-Wasted in South Korea

    Charlet Duboc travels to Seoul to investigate the fascinating history and etiquette of soju drinking, and in the process, ends up wildly wasted at karaoke and a silent disco.