short story

  • Nighttime of the City - A Short Story by Robert Coover

    Robert Coover's new novel, The Brunist Day of Wrath, is a sequel to his 1966 debut, The Origin of the Brunists. You may be wondering: Why did he wait so long to write a sequel? Is it possible to enjoy the new book without reading the...

  • He Was Lucky She Found Him

    "Most of the time when I tried to kiss James he wouldn’t kiss me. I didn’t think it was because something was wrong with me. I didn’t think it was because he didn’t like me. He told me he liked to be withdrawn sometimes."

  • Some Nights We Tase Each Other

    Adam Wilson is the author of the novel Flatscreen and the forthcoming collection of short stories What’s Important Is Feeling. His work has appeared in the Paris Review, Tin House, and The Best American Short Stories 201...

  • Answering Joyce Carol Oates with a Song

    Singer-songwriter and novelist Ben Arthur has written an album of "answer songs," and one of them is based on “Forked River Roadside Shrine, South Jersey,” a Joyce Carol Oates story that appeared in our most recent fiction issue. Give it a listen.

  • The Minor Outsider

    He was 29 and he liked to watch people shoot drugs into their arms on YouTube while he ate the Safeway version of Cheerios. He believed this had something to do with being afraid of, but interested in, death. He’d never done heroin. He was a coward.

  • Zanesville

    Nathaniel Rich was inspired to write “Zanesville” after hearing the real-life tale of Terry Thompson, who killed himself a few years ago after releasing 56 tigers, bears, lions, wolves, leopards, and monkeys from the animal refuge he ran in Ohio. All...