The Reemergence Issue
  • We’re Reemerging. What Does the World Look Like Now?

    VICE Magazine’s Reemergence Issue considers in real time how we cope while living through a historic time.

  • How the Pandemic Changed Antarctica

    Researchers returning home from Antarctica ‘left one world and have come back to another.’ But while their lives were in stasis, the continent they live on continued to struggle under the weight of diplomatic pressures and environmental concerns.

  • The Resurrection of the Iconic British Seaside

    Popular in the decades before affordable commercial flights, COVID turned seaside resort towns into sought-after summer escapes again. Photographer Sophie Green caught it all.

  • Love in Lagos

    Photographer Isabel Okoro returns to Lagos, Nigeria, to find the pandemic brought a new element of intimacy and community to her home.

  • What the Pandemic Felt Like From an Icebreaker Trapped in the Arctic

    The largest Arctic expedition in history, MOSAiC, struggled with the logistical challenges of COVID-19—but as the pandemic raged, members were able to live a normal ‘fantasyland’ life.

  • Photographing an Isolating Normalcy

    To make sense of his new surroundings, photographer Chad Rhym set out to document his experience as a double-conscious outsider: a new home in a new reality.