VICE Guide to Toronto

  • Tiang Viet Karaoke

    Karaoke is over. Everyone has picked safe jams within their vocal range, they practice, they have their favorite places, select group of friends… no one strays on any front and the result is a rote social exercise.

  • The Vintage Clothing Guide

    Toronto is a big vintage city. It may even rival New York in the pounds of vintage clothing per capita. Apart from the 90s when the city produced metaphysically bad raver wear (Montreal didn’t escape that DON’Ts orgy either), Toronto has always had a...

  • The VICE Guide to Toronto

    Toronto has been growing at this pace for over 40 years. Until the 50s and 60s it was a tiny little nowhere town like Kingston. It had a garrison, a constabulary, a little stone-cut city hall, three horses… basically it was a trading outpost called...

  • The Cheap Eats Guide

    This isn’t a guide for the epicurean or the gourmand, it’s for the regular human being who doesn’t want to eat trash like Subway or McDonald’s but can’t afford anything much more expensive than that.

  • Queen West Sucks

    We actually mean “Queen Street West Sucks Between Spadina and Peter Where We’ve Had Our Office and Store for the Past Decade” but that’s too big for a header and probably wouldn’t have caught your attention like this one has.

  • One Last Thing: The GTA Guide

    We’ve been going on and on about all the stuff downtown but there is another side to Toronto, something called the Greater Toronto Authority, a collection of suburbs that are truly unwieldy.

  • The VICE Guide to Mostly Queen Street West Bars

    For all practical purposes Toronto is basically just Queen Street. It’s Toronto’s St. Laurent, except without the park or the mountain or Schwartz’s or all the frogs.

  • The "Toronto-Italian" Guide

    There are a lot of Italians in Toronto. OK, they are in Woodbridge now but that’s because they are peasants at heart and love land (and fear urbanity and miscegenation).

  • The Toronto 'Hood Guide

    Toronto has some really distinct neighborhoods. For the next six months at least. After that the game is up. All bets are off.

  • DOs and DON'Ts

    Toronto is a great city to go irony partying. Look at this chief. He’s smiling because he’s not going to get beat up looking like this, he’s going to get laid.

  • A Toronto Mini-Game

    If you’re one of the few un-jaded music lovers left, you are open-minded, smart, and probably own good footwear. Here’s a guide to the new and new-ish Toronto bands we think you should be looking for this summer.