who is this?

  • Is Toilet Food Considered a Health Code Violation?

    Welcome to the first installment of 'Seriously, Though, Who Is This?' I anonymously texted a bunch of revered chefs weird photos of gourds on toilet rims to deduce their true stances on food safety. The results were divided, to say the least.

  • Would You Eat Swedish Blood Pudding with Me?

    In our latest installment of Seriously, Though, Who Is This?, our merry prankster just wants to find a chef who will share some congealed pig's blood with him.

  • Chia Seeds Are a Confusing Aphrodisiac

    Preliminary research suggests that chia seeds might be good for your heart, but when I texted a photo of a gloppy chia pudding to a couple of chefs for their reactions, I found out that it strengthens love muscles, too.

  • Could Fish Head Ice Cream Be the Next Big Thing?

    This is what happens when you send a bunch of top-tier chefs a picture of a fish head swallowing a Maraschino cherry. It will separate the stubborn old guard from the out-of-the-box brains of culinary genius.