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Police Raid ABC Offices Over Stories Alleging Misconduct by Australian Troops

This happened less than 24 hours after police raided a News Corp reporter's home over a seperate piece of public interest journalism
Gavin Butler
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Ryan Adams Pens an Ode to a Denver News Station

"Denver7 (Piece of Heaven)" and its animated video have the singer begging to host the network's weather report.
Alex Robert Ross

Sorry But Star Registries Are Low-Key Scams

An Australian astrophysicist has taken the time to explain why naming a star after a relative is totally meaningless.
Katherine Gillespie
Australia Today

Q&A Is Putting Alleged Sexual Harasser Charles Waterstreet on Its #MeToo Panel

The lawyer who inspired "Rake" has been accused of inappropriate behaviour by a former employee.
Maddison Connaughton
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Woman Attacked By Croc in Viral Video, Just Like Katter Predicted

Bob Katter said North Queensland is being torn apart by crocs and no one believed him.
VICE Staff
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The Lawyer Who Inspired 'Rake' Has Been Accused of Sexual Harassment

Sydney barrister Charles Waterstreet allegedly showed a video of himself receiving a blowjob to a young woman interviewing for a paralegal position.
Katherine Gillespie
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How the Alt-Right Trolled Triple J to Advance Their Agenda

"He let two fascists pretending to be Jews take up a chunk of his program."
Royce Kurmelovs
Rebecca Kamm

The Story Behind the Super Stoned Episode of 'Dinosaurs'

The underappreciated ABC comedy's writers talk to VICE about how they assembled one of the weirdest anti-drug sitcom episodes ever.
Pilot Viruet

We Need to Talk About the ABC's 'Real Millennials of Melbourne'

The question "how is this news?" feels too obvious.
VICE Staff
Video Games

Goodbye 'Good Game:' the Only Video Game Show Ever Worth Watching

On Monday the ABC announced the cancellation of their long-running show "Good Game." I, for one, am shattered.
Dan Golding

Several States Vote to Reject New Unified MMA Rules

For the first time different states will have different rules for professional mixed martial arts.
Josh Rosenblatt

Changes to Unified Rules Will End Frequent Complaints From the MMA World

The ABC’s amendments to the Unified Rules should prove to be very popular with fight fans when they come into effect on January 1, 2017.
Peter Carroll