Based God


CURSE UPDATE: Lil B Explains Why Kevin Durant Is Playing so Well (EXCLUSIVE)

"What’s going on is that he’s fighting the curse. He wants to beat the curse."


Extremely Rare: Witness History in Clams Casino's and Lil B's First-Ever Joint Video, "Witness"

Producer Keyboard Kid completes the Based trifecta for the track from Clams Casino's upcoming album, '32 Levels.'


Breaking Based News: Lil B Apologizes for Dissing The Weeknd

It's never too late to say sorry, Lil' B.


Did Lil B Invent the Dab Back in 2010?

If so let's hope he doesn't curse all of hip-hop.


Lil B Just Saved the Entire Year with His New Mixtape 'Thugged Out/Pissed Off'

The Based God just blessed us with a new 63-track mixtape.


An Evolving Based World: A Night with Lil B and Friends at the Observatory

“If you early to the airport,” Lil B says to his crowded room of followers, “Let some motherfuckers cut you who need to make their flight.”


It's the Most Positive Day in History: Chance the Rapper and Lil B Just Released 'Free,' a Based Freestyle Mixtape

"Who you think you rhymin' with? You don't got a mixtape with Lil B!" Thank you Based God. This is the best thing ever!


Will Lil B Win the NBA Playoffs for the Golden State Warriors? A Statistical Analysis of the Based God's Curse

The Based God's Curse claimed its latest victim last night as James Harden's Houston Rockets were knocked out of the NBA Playoffs. What does it all mean?


Lil B's New Emoji App Is 100% Vegan

The Based God has blessed us with emoji broccoli, carrots, and Vegenaise.