I Went to an Islamic Exorcism in the Back of a Glaswegian Nail Salon

Turns out it's as good a place as any to cleanse your soul of evil spirits.
Nick Chester

The Mystery of 'Bible John', Scotland's Zodiac Killer

Fifty years ago, three married women turned up dead after a night at Glasgow's Barrowlands Ballroom. The killer has never been found.
Francisco Garcia
space rocks

Scientists Map Out How to Nudge Small Asteroids into Earth’s Orbit

A University of Glasgow team explores the subtle art of capturing asteroids without killing everybody.
Becky Ferreira
New music

All Job Training Programs Need to Include Devo Songs

This new Glasgow compilation features young people involved in the NEETS (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) program.
Tim Scott
Local's View

A Night Out In Glasgow With Mogwai

An evening spent with the Scottish post rock legends involves record stores, vegan venues and yes, public houses.
Kate Hennessy
Noisey News

Stream Anxiety’s Noise-Drenched Hardcore

The Scottish noise punks return with a new four-song EP of combustible rage.
Tim Scott

Just How Gentrified Are All the Places in the Original 'Trainspotting' Film Now?

It's been over 20 years since the original was released.
Liam Turbett
london rental opportunity of the week

London Rental Opportunity of the Week: Shall We Just Sack Off London and Live in a £15k Flat in Glasgow?

We are ever pushing the limits of what constitutes "a rental opportunity" and "London". But, readers, it is always justified.
Joel Golby
New music

The Lowest Form’s Hardcore Punk Comes From a Damp and Dark Place

Noisy, chaotic and terse, the UK band have released one of the essential punk releases of 2016.
Tim Scott
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Two Pilots Were Arrested on Suspicion of Being Drunk at Work

Dragging yourself to your job hungover is one thing, but doing it still drunk probably isn't best when you've got hundreds of lives to look after.
VICE Staff

Hear "Insomnia Freestyle," the New Track from Hyped Glaswegian MC Shogun

New music from the young MC who exploded onto the internet with his "Vulcan" freestyle back in July.
Noisey Staff

Two Pilots Arrested In Scotland For Trying To Fly Drunk, Knight Them Immediately

Who among us doesn't truly think, deep down, that we can't do our job pissed?
Joel Golby