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A Property Developer Found an Empty House and Claimed it as His Own

“The Squatter’s Law” lets you play finder's keepers with property.


I Used San Francisco’s Multi-Million-Dollar Open Houses as My Own Buffet

And was only mildly humiliated in the process.


Greedy Bankers Are Already Creating the Next Financial Crisis

Banks have record profits, but Democrats and Republicans both seem determined to play with disaster.


Got a Spare $1 Million? Buy This Sydney House That's Literally Falling Down

This isn't a joke. So why am I laughing? Oh wait, nope, I'm crying.


Deal of the Day: a Bathroom-less, Kitchen-less Brunswick Home for More Than $1.1m

The good news? It has three bedrooms and period features. The bad news? You have to give up pooping.


Research Confirms You Need Rich Parents to Buy a House in Australia

A new report shows how wealth and privilege increasingly dictate who gets to participate in the Australian housing market.


The Bankers Behind the Financial Crisis Actually Got Promoted

Millions lost their homes and jobs, and not only did the bankers not go to jail, most of them got new and better gigs, according to a new study.


Stories About the Absolute Worst Flats and Houses People Have Ever Lived in

A bunch of writers look back on the halcyon days of living with rodents, collapsing ceilings and showers that caused more problems than they fixed.


News of Zealand: Gang Runs Meth Dealers Out of Town

Also, exhausted junior doctors get ready to strike and house prices keep on growing faster than anywhere else in the world.


News of Zealand: Prisoners Are Being Jailed too Long and Wow, That Was a Rainy Weekend

Plus, a hairdresser, fashion designer and gang member are charged with running a cocaine ring in Auckland.


It's Official: New Zealand House Prices Have Blown Up Faster Than Anywhere in the World

Have a million dollars? Oh, you do then? Ok, you can have a house.


My Landlord Mom Refuses to Cash in on San Francisco's Insane Housing Market

In San Francisco's shitstorm of a housing market, the landlords who purchased homes before prices exploded now have the opportunity to cash in.