Hurricane Dorian

The Hidden Psychological Crisis That Hurricanes Leave in Their Wake

Some local Hurricane Dorian relief efforts in the Bahamas are hoping to address the PTSD that results from our increasingly frequent weather disasters.
Harron Walker
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Rick Ross Got Extremely High With Bon Iver and Had No Idea Who He Was

"This hippy motherfucker ended up being Justin Vernon of the band Bon Iver."
Drew Schwartz

So, Here’s Why You Probably Don’t Want to Nuke a Hurricane

We can't believe we have to say this, but it's not a good idea.
David Gilbert
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The Hurricane Footage These 'Storm Chasers' Took Will Make Your Palms Sweat

The duo claims they're doing a "public service" by filming themselves wading around in flooded casinos and parking garages during the worst of Hurricane Nate.
Drew Schwartz
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Trump's Response to Puerto Rico Is Shameful

FEMA is delivering aid, and Trump has promised to visit. But as you might expect, the president is making a horrible situation worse with bizarre, defensive statements.
Eve Peyser

What Happens to Prison Inmates Caught in Hurricanes?

Texas prisoners say they went days without running water after Harvey.
Michael Patrick Welch
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This Guy Drove His Car into the Living Room to Keep It Safe from Hurricane Matthew

At least if the power went out, he could just switch on the car's headlights.
Mike Pearl

The Storm of the Century: Al Roker's New Book Explores the Hurricane of 1900

In 1900, a huge hurricane tore through Galveston, Texas. It would come to be known as "The Great Storm."
Lance Scott Walker
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Hurricanes and Projectile Vomiting Painkillers

I had thrown up before during Hurricane Marilyn, but this was when I was seven years old, and drugs and alcohol were not the cause. Rather, it was the sounds of my childhood home crumpling on top of my family as we huddled in a closet that made me...
Sophie Saint Thomas

Make It Rain on the South Sound

For the past six months I’ve been playing in an amazing studio space in Gowanus, Brooklyn called the South Sound. In addition to offering up 13 practice rooms, the space housed two meticulously built recording studios. Unfortunately, Sandy wiped it off...
Vinnie Rotondaro
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How Did Sandy Affect You?

New Yorkers who were used to getting wine delivered to their doors, manicures at 3 AM, and never walking more than two blocks to get coffee suddenly couldn’t find bread at grocery stores, hot water to take showers, or even a cup of coffee.
VICE Staff

The Destruction of Breezy Point

Two nights ago during Hurricane Sandy, while many New Yorkers were crying about having no internet, the people in Breezy Point, Queens, watched their neighborhood become a water-logged, flame-engulfed vision of hell.
Wes Enzinna