A Visit to Europe’s Last Dictatorship

Ex-Soviet Belarus only began accepting visa-free tourists this year. I had to explore one of the hardest-drinking, most WWII-nostalgic countries on Earth.
Dave Hazzan

Decapitating Lenin Statues Is the Hottest New Trend in Ukraine

Surreal photos of monuments to the Communist leader in overgrown fields, supply closets, and hatchbacks.
Kim Kelly

This Exists: $4,000 Apple Accessories That Pay Homage to Lenin and Putin

Care of Russian luxury label, Caviar.
Ingrid Kesa
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Putin Built a New Amusement Park Where Kids Can Play with Grenade Launchers and Tanks

Along with the sweet tanks to climb in and grenade launchers to touch and guns to shoot, visitors will be able to buy all the Putin memorabilia the mind can dream up.
River Donaghey
Internet Exploring

Jazz on Bones and X-Ray Audio: Chasing the Ghost of Soviet Russia's Most Dedicated Vinyl Bootlegger

How Soviet hipsters invented the first flexi discs...and were sent to the gulag for doing so.
Kim Kelly

I Was Arrested for Murder in Transnistria

The territory is officially recognized as a rebelling region within Moldova’s international borders. It’s not exactly an easy place to get to; there are no commercial flights and its neighbors are fairly hostile. Law enforcement there is a little...
John Dennehy, Craig "Questions" Scott

In New York City, Police Brutality Is Bringing People Together

All across the country, the police are under fire for killing unarmed people of color—and that's spurring people from all backgrounds to embrace new forms of resistance.
Aaron Miguel Cantú

A Visit to Moscow's Brain Institute

The Brain Institute, which was founded by the Bolsheviks in 1928 as part of the effort to canonize Lenin, has a "Pantheon of Brains"—the brains of Sergei Eisenstein, Stalin, and Lenin himself are displayed in glass cases inside the Institute's pre...
Joy Neumeyer

Ukrainian Protesters Toppled Kiev's Lenin Statue Last Night

Protests in Kiev on Sunday evening finished with a theatrical flourish, as the pro-EU, anti-Russia demonstrators toppled the statue of Lenin that stood on a broad avenue in the center of the city. Despite the protesters' elation, the incident has...
Annabelle Chapman

I'm a Russian Lesbian Pretending to Be Straight to Avoid Persecution

Almost every day, the Russian government releases new laws and government statements that make queer Russians’ lives more and more difficult—if not next to impossible. Right now, I’m a Russian lesbian visiting relatives in Russia. To survive the past...
Sofie Mikhaylova

Weiner’s Dong, and Other Products of the Perfected Civilization

I am wholly in favor of anyone wishing to promote his or her genitals on Facebook or Instagram being able to do so. But given Weiner's stated career ambitions, putting his cock online after getting caught doing it once already indicates not only...
Gary Indiana

I Wish Lenin Were My Boyfriend

I dressed up real nice but his heart's so stony-cold.
Photos by Anastasia Ivanova, Styling by Dimitriy Sha