Puerto Rico


Bad Bunny Lays Claim to Christmas, Releases Debut Album 'X100PRE'

Drake and Diplo both feature on the Puerto Rican rapper's first LP.
Alex Robert Ross

Photos of My Bipolar Father During His Last Days

"I took on the challenge of studying my father and his condition by photographing his daily endeavors."
Gabi Perez

Hurray for the Riff Raff Makes Feminist Murder Ballads for Today's America

Raised in a Puerto Rican family in the Bronx, Alynda Segarra is here to remind you that Americana is for all Americans. Catch her at Noisey's Emerge Impact + Music fest in April.
Noah Berlatsky

Months After Hurricane Maria, Musicians in Puerto Rico Still Need Help

We chatted with PRIMA Fund co-creator Raquel Berrios, whose band Buscabulla is playing a NYC farewell show Wednesday at Elsewhere to benefit the initiative.
Algodón Egipcio

Photos Showcase the Rebirth of Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Photographer and former resident Ruben Natal-San Miguel captures the contrast of beauty and recovery.
Elizabeth Renstrom
Puerto Rico

A Deadly Hurricane Can't Stop Puerto Ricans from Partying

While many residents still lack power or running water, the nightlife in San Juan is keeping spirits up.
Victoria Leandra Hernández
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Here's a Video of Trump Chucking Paper Towels at Suffering Hurricane Victims

Like T-shirts at a baseball game.
VICE Staff
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Trump's Response to Puerto Rico Is Shameful

FEMA is delivering aid, and Trump has promised to visit. But as you might expect, the president is making a horrible situation worse with bizarre, defensive statements.
Eve Peyser

What Happens to Prison Inmates Caught in Hurricanes?

Texas prisoners say they went days without running water after Harvey.
Michael Patrick Welch
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Serene Beach Scenes from a Drum & Bass DJ-Turned-Artist

somenerv’s glossy 3D renderings come right in time for summer.
Nathaniel Ainley
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Why a Spanglish Reggaeton Pop Remix Is Now Nearly As Big As the "Macarena"

I'm clearly not the only one who's played Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi's "Despacito" remix (with Bieber) more times than I'd publicly disclose.
Emma Garland
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Adam Jones' Catch that Robbed the Dominican Republic May Have Made A Legend of Team USA Yet

Adam Jones gave us something to look out for with Team USA in the WBC future: the legend of the little guys.
Liam Daniel Pierce