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Festivals Can Still Be Radical Spaces, If You Want Them To Be

But do festival organisers genuinely want to use their resources to change the world for the better? Or is it simply a matter of marketing?
Michael Segalov

The Golden Age of Music Festivals Is Over

Festivals are losing their basic tenets of culture, togetherness, and hedonism, in favor of comfort, luxury, safety, and snoozeboxes.
Ryan Bassil
festivals 2016

Here's Every Annoying Person You'll Meet at a Festival

The point is that we're all human beings who, at some point, have sucked to be around.
Thinkpieces And Shit

Hey Festival Bookers, It Is Your Responsibility to Promote Diversity, Actually

'The Guardian' published a survey of the UK festival circuit that shows 2,336 men performing on stage compared to 270 women, but some bookers don't seem to think that's their problem.
Emma Garland
Thinkpieces And Shit

If We're Going to End Music Industry Sexism, the Dialogue Around It Has to Change

Have we created a climate that’s just too overwhelmed by negativity?
Emma Garland
Teen Rites

What I Learned from Growing Up Nu Metal in British Suburbia

Say what you will about nu metal—to kids trapped in nondescript suburbia, futuristic angsty metal with both screaming and rapping makes total sense.
Kate Hutchinson
Festivals 2015

What the Fuck is Going on With This Year’s Festival Line-ups?

The bubble has burst.
Ryan Bassil
Festivals 2014

Having Sex at Festivals Isn't Just Disgusting, It's Shit

You will find yourself wet in all the wrong ways, bumping against a body you can smell more than you can see.
Emma Garland

How to go to a Festival When You're a Small Child, an Old Man, or a Sober Person

We interviewed an 11-year-old and a 60-year-old to find out.
Ryan Bassil
sam wolfson

How to Go to a Festival in Your Twenties

The Noisey handbook to taking drugs, doing it with strangers, and getting messed up in a field once you're old enough to feel shame.
Ryan Bassil
sam wolfson