robert smith

    • 7.7.15

      We Found Some Goths in the Amazon

      They traipse around Manaus in heavy black bodices and chunky black boots attracting the sun like a moody solar panel.

    • 12.30.13

      A Tequila-Laced Conversation with Perry Farrell

      We talked to Jane's Addiction frontman about his decision to become a tequila spokesman, why he's bored with entertainment industry people in favor of abstinence, how he's been drinking tequila since the third grade, and why he doesn't want to be like...

    • 9.5.13

      Here’s What Happened at Barrett Brown’s Gag Hearing

      I was inside the Dallas, Texas, courtroom yesterday when Judge Sam Lindsay ruled that a media gag order would go into effect on Barrett Brown's trial. In my opinion, the prosecution failed to present evidence that supported the necessity of such an...

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    • 7.24.13

      Dear Mattel, Here Is How to Make a Goth Doll

      Monster High dolls are currently one of the best-selling dolls in the world. They are like Barbie’s Goth cousin—the one who buys black and white Argyle sweaters at Hot Topic and sits in the cemetery rolling her eyes in disgust at the thought of blonde...