the story of adidon


Is PUSHA-T Rap's Greatest Villain?

The rapper's ongoing beef with Drake makes one thing for certain: Push lives for this shit.


PUSHA-T Talks Drake in New Interview: "That Information Came from 40"

"I just don’t know how you could chime in so much and not mention ‘two birds one stone’, Cudi’s mental health issue, mentioning my wife," the 'DAYTONA' rapper said on The Joe Budden Podcast.


Drake Discusses Beef With Kanye West and PUSHA-T On 'The Shop'

"When you mention defenceless people who are sick in the hospital, who passed away, I just believe there’s a price that you have to pay for that."


Steve Harvey Calls Pusha-T a "Broke-Ass Boy," Freestyles

The 'Family Feud' host is, he says, "all up in [Pusha-T's] ass."


It's Been Three Days and I'm Still Obsessed With PUSHA-T's Wedding

How are you going to top a wedding with Pharrell as your Best Man? I'll wait.


Drake Hid a Damn Child and Still Dodged a Bullet

Drake’s 'Degrassi'-focused “I’m Upset” video was the non-response to Pusha-T that the pop star needed to change the narrative.


Drake Drops "I'm Upset" Video, Announces 'Scorpion' Release Date

Drizzy stages a 'Degrassi' reunion in the new video for the 'Scorpion' single.


PUSHA-T Says the Drake Beef Is "Over"

PUSHA-T also explains his investigative skills in an interview with Vanity Fair: "People love me and people are disloyal as fuck."


J. Prince Says Drake's Response to PUSHA-T Would've Damaged Careers

The Houston record executive is still standing by the fact that another Drake response exists.


J. Prince Says Drake Won't Respond to PUSHA-T

"The Story of Adidon" was so brutal that their beef may be over. For now.


Drake Shares Statement on “The Story of Adidon” Blackface Photo

Drizzy has shared a paragraph explaining David Leyes' blackface portrait that was used in PUSHA-T's latest track.


Pusha-T Used Drake's Strengths Against Him and the Results Are Delicious

On "The Story of Adidon," Push used history, the present, the tasteless, and the unknown to take round one in his battle with Drake.