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Privacy and Perception Issue

As a Trans Woman, Our Obsession With Labels Feels Limiting—Not Liberating

I’m trans, HIV positive, and I don’t seek to fit into a single gender binary. But my simple desire to land a date on a dating app is often lost in the terms I'm expected to use.
Juno Roche
The Dystopia and Utopia Issue

Saving a Pristine Wilderness from Militarized Poachers and a Humanitarian Crisis

Chinko, in Central African Republic, "portrays hope in a situation where everything is stacked up to be doom and gloom. We are not allowing Eden to be lost. We are in the process of bringing Eden back."
Jack Losh

Roger Ballen Takes Photos of Distilled Terror

The legendary photographer shares some unseen work with us.
Roger Ballen
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Gloria Steinem on the Secret to Never Burning Out During the Fight for Equality

"If we don't have poetry and laughter along the way, we won't have it at the end."
Zing Tsjeng
The 2017 Fiction Issue

'Rage Blackouts,' a Short Essay on Losing Your Temper by Sadie Stein

The author dreams of losing her temper.
Sadie Stein
The 2017 Music Issue

A Tribute to the World's Largest Rock Band

An infographic on 1,000 musicians.
Haisam Hussein

Scenes from an Epic Flower Battle in Spain

Colorful images from photographers Samantha Friend and Jessica Pettway.
Samantha Friend
Jessica Pettway
marriage equality

What Does the Word 'Queer' Even Mean Today?

How much does what we call ourselves matter when it comes to how and whom we love?
Ana Cecilia Alvarez
The September Stories Issue

The Story Behind the Cover of VICE Magazine's September Issue

Christian Delfino explains how he captured the claustrophobic photo.
Christian Delfino
Elizabeth Renstrom
The September Stories Issue

Feedback from Museum Goers May Be Changing the Art World

Curators are paying attention to audiences at large.
Emerson Rosenthal
The September Stories Issue

Is Smoking Weed While Pregnant Really So Bad?

Medical marijuana use carries less stigma, unless you're pregnant.
Krishna Andavolu
The September Stories Issue

Your Jeans Are Ruining the Earth

Denim's environmental impact is huge
Haisam Hussein