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The City Where Each Side Completely Ignores the Other

In Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbs and Albanians live right next to each other, but never mingle.


Photos from Serbia's Love Parade for Vladimir Putin

The government organised a large rally in Belgrade to keep the Russian president happy and on their side.


People Described the Weirdest Lies Their Parents Told Them as Kids

"For some reason, my dad told me that he gave birth to me."


Watch Our New Film About a Former Neo-Nazi Coming Out as a Trans Woman

The film tells the story of Dajana Pospiš, a former member of the National Front, as she begins her transition.


This Tiny Village Hosted Serbia's 'First Longboard Festival'

Young people have long deserted Popšica, until last month, when the town welcomed skaters from across the country.


The Pettiest Restaurant in the World

A Serbian restaurant only serves food from countries that don't recognise Kosovo's independence.


What It's Like to Transition in Different Parts of the World

From Canada, to Serbia and all the way to Australia – eight individuals talk about coming out as transgender in their respective countries.


The Rural Serbian Villages Where Men Pay for Albanian Brides

Serbian villages are lacking young women, Albanian villages are lacking young men. That's where matchmaker Vera comes in.


Photos of Sarajevo's Scars

In 1992, the Bosnian capital came under siege – an assault that lasted 1,425 days.


This Weekend Saw the Biggest Protests in Serbia So Far

For the seventh day in a row, Serbians were protesting Aleksandar Vucic winning the presidency.


Many Young Serbs Are Planning to Leave Their Country After Sunday's Election Result

For the first time in years, young Serbs turned up at the polls in droves. Turns out that wasn't enough to prevent a massive victory for the status quo.


Techno, Turbo-Folk and NATO Bombs: Photos of the Decade Serbia Changed Forever

Srđan Veljović captured all the things Serbians tried to do in order to get on with their lives in times of war.