How President Trump Could Free the NCAA to Pour More Money into Politics

If Trump fulfills his pledge to eliminate a federal law prohibiting charitable organizations from participating in political campaigns, the nonprofit NCAA will be free to shower sympathetic candidates with cash.
Steve Silver

I Went to Costa Rica to Watch Two Kids Hear for the First Time

Chris Nieratko and a traveling band of skateboarders went to Costa Rica to meet up with the Let Them Hear Foundation and document two deaf children as they received surgeries that would allow them to hear for the first time.
Chris Nieratko

Rape Is at an All-Time High in Britain, So Why Are Its Sexual Abuse Charities Fighting for Funding?

Cutting funding to the charities that support rape victims sends a clear message to both abusers and survivors.
Frankie Mullin

Why Did it Take Us This Long to Call Bullshit on Belle Gibson?

It's reprehensible that Belle could profit from a lie, belittling real sufferers of along the way. But it's also interesting what the saga has reflected back upon us as consumers.
Emma Do

Canadian Charities (Except the Ones Run by Conservatives) Are Under Attack

A string of audits against left-wing charities in Canada has called attention to the CRA's love of auditing "biased" and "politically motivated" groups. Meanwhile, similar organizations with right-wing leanings are doing just fine.
Scott Vrooman
The Imposters Issue

Most Neediest Forgotten Charities

During the holiday season, America's charities are highlighted in the popular media and, hence, deluged with donations. But each year, regardless of the economy or collective good will, some of the neediest of the of the needier needy charities are...
Bob Odenkirk

Should I Donate Money to Kony 2012 or Not?

And does seeking out Invisible Children's faults make me a cynical snob?
Alex Miller