Scientists Find Evidence of an Ocean Deep Inside Pluto

Reddish deposits of ammonia on Pluto suggest that liquid water, the key to life as we know it, exists below its surface.


I Was Injecting Heroin in the Bogs While Working at One of the UK's Biggest Papers

Joel Lewin worked at one of the world's most prestigious financial newspapers. But while he was writing about Tesco's shares he was also shoplifting there to feed a heroin addiction.


This Town Is Freaking Out About Its New 'Crack Pipe Vending Machines'

Locals in Suffolk County have smashed at least one of the machines, selling "sketch pens" for $2, with sledgehammers.


I Was a Cocaine Kingpin's Ride-or-Die

"When he came home, I would wake up and help him count the money."


How City Drug Gangs First Used Teens to Take Over British Towns

The "going country" phenomenon isn't as new as many like to make out. Here is the inside story of the first "county lines" gangs, nearly 20 years ago.


Why So Many More Young Brits Are Smoking Crack Again

The past year has seen a huge 30 percent rise in people under-25 seeking treatment for the drug.


Which Is the Coolest Drug?

Drowning before your time, face down in an opiate-induced septic tank of your own vomit is waaaay cooler than dying of boring, old pancreatic cancer anyway, right? Natural causes might be nature's course, but it won't get you on many tributes.


North America’s first legal drug inhalation site set to open in Alberta

Drug users will be allowed to smoke crack and crystal meth in a safe place


This McDonald's Allegedly Sold Burgers, Fries, and a Bunch of Cocaine

"Operation Off the Menu" uncovered a manager allegedly stuffing the drugs in cookie bags alongside McDoubles and fries.


An Ex-Hells Angel Tells Us What It Takes to Beat Addiction

Joe Calendino’s new memoir recounts his struggle to leave drugs and the streets.


Lamar Odom Wants ESPN to Denounce Stephen A. Smith's "Crack" Comment

How can you go lower than taking a jab at Lamar Odom?