Ezra Koenig


With "Harmony Hall" and "2021," Vampire Weekend Are Finally Back

They're the first singles from the long-awaited 'Father of the Bride,' set for an April release.


James Corden Is Taking Over Indie Rock Too, Nobody Is Safe

Everyone's least favorite late night host will voice Peter Rabbit in a new movie and has also recorded a song written by Ezra Koenig.


Ezra Koenig Really Wants Lil Uzi Vert to Win All the Grammys

It's his first year as a registered voter for the awards, and he pushed hard for rap.


Ezra Koenig's Anime 'Neo Yokio' Has Arrived on Netflix

He's also shared minimal details about new Vampire Weekend music.


Ezra Koenig Sang a Touching 'Seinfeld' Version of John Lennon's "Imagine" on Beats 1

"Imagine Seinfeld back on TV. It isn't hard to do."


Krishna Goes to Church with Rhode Island's Weed Worshipers

On an all new episode of 'Weediquette', we head to Providence to attend a service with the church that considers weed a sacrament.


Ezra Koenig, iLoveMakonnen, and Despot Wrote a Song Together in Our Office on Live TV Last Night

Listen to "Giving You," the freestyle that happened last night when we went live on VICELAND.


Vampire Weakened: Rostam Batmanglij Leaves Vampire Weekend

However, he says he'll continue to collaborate on "future tracks" and "future Vampire Weekend songs" with Ezra Koenig.


Basel Thots: Confessions of an Art Basel Party Girl (Part Three)

It's the last night of Art Basel Miami. The suslords are out in full force.


Odd Couples: The Weirdest Dance Music Collabs Ever

From bluegrass electronica to rapping about cake, electronic music ventures into some odd directions.


Ezra Koenig Might Be Performing at the Oscars, But That Doesn't Excuse the Real Crime

Lana Del Rey Getting Snubbed Was An Inside Job


Ezra Koenig's Pre-Vampire Weekend Blog is Full of Vibes

It's called "Internet Vibes," it's on the internet, it's full of vibes, and I want to show it to you.