Free Drinks


Bar-Goer Shot by Breakdancing FBI Agent Is Getting 'Complimentary Drinks Forever'

Nothing can really make up for, you know, getting shot in the leg. But free booze for life comes pretty close.


Justin Bieber Rides Solo to Bar, Plays Piano in Return for Free Drinks

Bieber’s “spirit moved him to the keyboard​” in Toronto this weekend, where he played “Sorry” and a cover of The Beatles “Let It Be.”


I Bartered My Way Through a Night Out

I got drunk by trading a glass hippo figurine, a salami, and two grams of weed for cocktails.


Free Drinks and Sex on the Beach: My Time Working as a Holiday Rep for Club Med 

People on vacation, walking around half-naked and drinking all day – it was the definition of sex for sex's sake.


I Had to Survive London Fashion Week on Free Gifts Alone

For the whole five days, I stole everything I ate, drank, wore and watched.


Reasons Why Comic-Con Is the Worst Place Ever

The San Diego Comic-Con has been going on since 1970, and it used to be my favorite time of the year. But in the last few years, it's become almost unbearable for everyone who isn't a celebrity or an industry professional.