'Pen15' Is a Hilarious Way to Relive Your Middle School Trauma

The show is an "actual rainbow gel pen, in a sea of black and blue writing utensils."
Nicole Clark
3 days ago
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Ja Rule Is Planning a New Music Festival That Is Definitely Not a Scam

Oh Ja Rule, what are we gonna do with you?
Taylor Hosking
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Ashton Sanders from 'Moonlight' Is Playing RZA in a Show About Wu-Tang

He signed on to star in Hulu's 'Wu-Tang: An American Saga,' executive produced by RZA and Method Man.
River Donaghey
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'GoT' Is Ending, So Get Ready for George R.R. Martin's New Superhero Series

Hulu is making two shows based on the author's Wild Cards franchise.
River Donaghey

All the Robin Williams Performances Available on Streaming Services Right Now

After watching ‘Come Inside My Mind' we found all the comedian's film and TV show appearances on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video.
Beckett Mufson

What TV Shows to Watch for the Rest of 2018

From 'Disenchantment' to 'The Purge,' here's a guide to what shows are still coming this year.
Connor Garel
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Unsurprisingly, Women Hated the Idea of 'Handmaid's Tale' Wine

The wine company, Lot18, decided to pull the tone-deaf collection just a day after rolling it out.
Nicole Clark

The Best Netflix and Hulu Shows for When You Just Want Background Noise

You need to watch SOMETHING while you fold your laundry.
Eve Peyser
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Terrifying New Stephen King Series 'Castle Rock' Finally Has a Release Date

This is going to be a spooky-ass summer.
River Donaghey
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Things Aren't Going So Well in Gilead in the New 'Handmaid's Tale' Trailer

We've got labor camps, people being weighed down in pools, a bunch of Handmaids on the gallows, and Aunt Lydia got hold of a microphone.
Lauren Messman
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Hulu's Spooky New Stephen King Series Is Heading Back to Shawshank

The new teaser for 'Castle Rock' looks creepy as hell.
VICE Staff
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The Trailer for the New Season of 'Handmaid's Tale' Is Bleak as Hell

The show heads back to Gilead this April.
VICE Staff