intimate partner violence


Intimate Partner Violence Is More Common Than You Think

A brutal attack in Tennessee serves as a grim reminder of how commonplace such violence is in the United States.


Women Violently Choked by Partners Are Later Killed—But Doctors Miss the Signs

Physical signs of strangulation in cases of domestic violence are not as obvious as we’re led to believe—so victims can suffer lethal related injuries and are seven times likelier to later die of homicide.


Toronto Surgeon Pleads Guilty to Murdering Doctor Wife

Mohammed Shamji pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of his wife Dr. Elana Fric Shamji.


Half of Canadians killed by domestic violence belong to vulnerable groups

Racism and remoteness are barriers to getting help, new report says


This State Made It Easier for Judges to Keep Domestic Abusers Off the Street

A seemingly obscure rule change in Arizona last week could help reshape how "lethality assessments" are used across America.


A Grisly New Year's Killing Shows How Little We Know About Murder-Suicides

After a 26-year-old mother was stabbed to death and her husband found hanging from a tree, experts and advocates pointed to glaring cracks in the system.


'We Bring It on Ourselves': The Myths Silencing LGBTQ Sexual Assault Victims

If you're trans or queer, you're more likely to experience sexual assault or rape than cisgender or straight people. Experts say discussion of the problem is lacking—and certain myths about LGBTQ assault are to blame.