marijuana legalization


Passport Cannabis: Newfoundland

The ups and downs of legalizing recreational cannabis by province


A Third of Canadian Pot Users Have Never Actually Paid For It

But nearly one million Canadians say they have spent more than $250 on weed in the last three months.


What Will a Gram of Legal Weed Cost in Canada?

With an excise tax of 10% and GST, legal weed will probably end up costing more than what you can get from your dealer.


Canadian weed companies are gearing up to navigate a strict advertising regime

“When weed is finally legal, it’s going to be a bloody brand battle.”


Second Cup is getting into the weed business

The coffee chain is teaming up with National Access Cannabis to set up pot dispensaries across Western Canada


Washington's biggest weed producer begins trading on a Canadian stock exchange

Cannex Capital is just the latest U.S. cannabis company looking to raise money in Canada


Legal Weed Might Be Getting Pedestrians Killed, Study Finds

Deaths on US roadways shot up in states where weed is legal in 2017—and dropped across the rest of the country.


A major U.S. stock exchange is listing a weed company for the first time ever

Toronto-based Cronos Group will begin trading on the NASDAQ this week


These four companies have won bids to sell legal weed in Manitoba

High-end retailer Tokyo Smoke and Canopy Growth Corporation are among the winners


Shopify tapped to run Ontario's online weed sales

The e-commerce giant will also facilitate legal weed sales in brick-and-mortar stores


Canadian weed companies are staking their claim in Europe

A series of strategic acquisitions have one main goal in mind: Europe’s medical cannabis market


The politics of pot lobbying

These are some of the former bureaucrats and political insiders now working for Big Weed in Canada ​