Oh No


These Robot Dogs Are Absolutely the Beginning of the End

Robots can open doors now. The next logical progression is: killing us, awfully.


Jessy Lanza Announces 'Oh No No No' Remix EP, Shares Morgan Geist "I Talk BB" Rework

The Canadian synth-pop singer and producer's three-song release comes out Dec. 9 via Hyperdub.


Go On a Kaleidoscopic Midnight Bike Ride with Jessy Lanza in the "Oh No" Music Video

The title track from the Canadian electro-pop singer's sophomore album gets a rainbow light show.


What Would It Take to Make You Do Something About Climate Change?

Things are looking bleak, but how bad does it have to get before we'll actually take action?


Jessy Lanza's Music Makes Life's Smallest Irritations Feel Meaningful

The Canadian singer and producer combats everyday anxiety and stress on her sophomore album 'Oh No.'


Stream Jessy Lanza's Sophomore Album 'Oh No' Now

Hear the Canadian electro-R&B artist's new record on Hyperdub ahead of its May 13 release date.


Jessy Lanza Is Scared of Radon Poisoning and People Hearing Her Sing

Glittering, glitchy, wonderfully warped electronic pop this way: stream her forthcoming record 'Oh No' right here.


Oubliez un peu Grimes et penchez-vous plutôt sur Jessy Lanza

On vous fait écouter « Oh No » en intégralité, deuxième album de la chanteuse canadienne et brillant condensé d'electro-funk, de synth-pop et de R&B.


Jessy Lanza Goes Two for Two with New Song "VV Violence"

The Canadian electro-pop artist shares another track from her forthcoming sophomore album on Hyperdub.


Jessy Lanza Shares Kaleidoscopic Video for New Single “It Means I Love You”

Her sophomore album 'Oh No' is out May 13 on Hyperdub.


Eliza + Jack's New Tune "Oh No" Is a Glass of Prosecco with Added Pop Rocks

New York's cutest NYC boy-girl duo are still splitting college studies with studio time, but their debut LP is imminent.


Barkhouse's "Oh No!" Is an Oh Yes!

All aboard this time machine: we're heading back to 2002.