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It's Official: Rock Dads Stan Billie Eilish

'Rolling Stone' reveals that Thom Yorke told the rising pop star, “You’re the only one doing anything f*cking interesting nowadays.”
Josh Terry

This Giant, In-Depth 'Sopranos' Retrospective Is Full of Secrets and Surprises

Twenty years after 'The Sopranos' premiered, two TV columnists from Tony Soprano's hometown newspaper have released an exhaustive tome that includes eight conversations with show creator David Chase.
Alex Norcia
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Janelle Monáe: "I Consider Myself to be a Free-Ass Motherfucker"

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Janelle Monáe opens up about the personal nature of her upcoming album, 'Dirty Computer,' as well as her sexuality.
Kristin Corry
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Rae Sremmurd Loves PETA, But Their Pet Monkey Is Probably Contact High

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rae Sremmurd talks about their upcoming triple album, vegans, and wildlife.
Kristin Corry
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How The Media’s #MeToo Failings Hurt Victims

When reporters are careless, it’s the victims who suffer.
Manisha Krishnan
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R. Kelly Is the Subject of More Abuse Allegations

In a new 'Rolling Stone' article, Kelly's former girlfriend Kitti Jones alleges that the singer was sexually and emotionally abusive, which he refutes.
Noisey UK Staff
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Marilyn Manson Wants You to Know He Got Crabs When He Lost His Virginity

He also talks Trump, Bowie, and Beethoven in a new interview.
Lauren O'Neill
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Which Really Rich Person Should Buy 'Rolling Stone'?

The magazine's founder is selling his majority stake, and we've got some very! Handy! Suggestions!
Noisey UK Staff
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Dave Grohl’s Been Drinking Whiskey in a Parking Lot with Justin Timberlake

"Can I sing on your record?," Timberlake apparently asked Grohl, drunk. "I don't want to push it, but I just want to be able to tell my friends."
Alex Robert Ross
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Kendrick Says He Couldn't Call Himself the Best Rapper if He Had a Ghostwriter

He made the comments in a new interview with Rolling Stone.
Lauren O'Neill
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Justin Trudeau Apologizes for Comments in ‘Rolling Stone’ Feature

The prime minister says he "regrets" the way he spoke about Patrick Brazeau, the Indigenous senator he fought in a charity boxing match.
Allison Tierney
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Hear "Woman," Another Raw, Free-Spirited New Song From Kesha

It features The Dap-Kings' horn section, and it rules.
Lauren O'Neill