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The Best Way to Steal a Shark Is by Pretending It's a Baby, Apparently

Video footage shows a trio of thieves waltzing into a Texas aquarium, swaddling the shark, and wheeling it out like a baby in a stroller.
Drew Schwartz
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A Hailstorm Completely Obliterated This American Airlines Plane

"Things were flying. Passengers throwing up. Scariest flight of my life," one passenger said.
Drew Schwartz
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Woman Accuses R. Kelly of Rape, Imprisonment, and Infecting Her with Herpes

A lawsuit filed yesterday claims that the 51-year-old singer was "mentally, sexually and, verbally" abusive to Faith Rodgers after meeting her last March.
Alex Robert Ross
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Man Decorates Lawn with Footage of a Thief Stealing His Christmas Display

"We wanted to keep it in the spirit of things."
Lauren Messman
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Kushner testifies on Russia meetings, car bomb kills 24 in Kabul, Trump expected to (eventually) sign sanctions against Moscow, and more.
VICE Staff
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Corrosive Club Beats Meets Heavy Metal on House of Kenzo's New EP

The San Antonio collective's 'Bonfires of Urbanity' comes out this week on Rabit's Halcyon Veil imprint.
Alexander Iadarola
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This Music Festival Might Be the First of Its Kind for the Full Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community

The festival will include live captioning, ASL interpretation, vibrating backpacks and more.
Britt Julious

How the Politics of Abortion Could Affect Women Who Want to Be Tested for the Zika Virus

US officials are scrambling to deal with the potential spread of the virus, and some fear that the anti-abortion political climate will make things more complicated for pregnant women who want to be tested for it.
Mona Gable and Maggie Puniewska

Carlo Lio’s Comprehensive Guide to Conquering Ibiza

Beaches, Bars, and brunch spots—the Canadian techno gangster gives us his ultimate program from acing the Balearic jewel.
Christopher Metler

Meet the Christians Cleaning Up Ibiza's Drunks and Ecstasy Casualties

The Christian volunteer group 24-7 Ibiza has been helping people home in their Vomit Van since 2002.
Gavin Haynes

Dissecting Decades-Old Testimony in a Satanic Child Abuse Case

'Satanic abuse' cases in the 1980s and 1990s centered on sensational tales of animal sacrifices, murders of babies, and violent orgies that children were sworn to keep secret by powerful cabals of daycare workers.
Maurice Chammah

PREMIERE: Watch Paul Fisher's Video for "Baking Soda" Produced by Salva

Hint: he's not actually talking about baking soda.
Noisey Staff